Wednesday, 30 May 2012

'LOVE' cushion

I've loved this type of cushion for ages.

I bought some fabric with my daughter in mind, remember it...... this post.

I then treated myself to this.....

...see that cushion on the front!

OH!  Smoochy love!  Very bad wanties for the cushion! Well, not really wanting it as an object to keep, more WANTing to MAKE it!

Out came the fabric, the applique adhesive sheets........

....letter templates (which were free in a copy of Homemade)......

.....matching thread etc.

I traced my letters and heart onto the fusible web, like this....

I couldn't decide whether to use the heart as an 'O' or a 'V'....until I had cut them out.....

I peeled one side and stuck them to the wrong side of my fabric and cut out the fabric.......

I then peeled of the final layer of paper and placed them on my can re-peel and reposition this's great.

I ironed them into place and choose a teal embroidery floss for blanket stitching arounf the edge of my appliques....

I'd never attempted Blanket Stitch before and was quite chuffed with my fairly neat and even little efforts...... (sorry about the fuzzy pic!  But you get the idea!)

Even the back was quite neat!

I cut two back pieces from the patterned fabric to form an envelope to pop the cushion filling in and out (for washing!).....I ironed over  the two opening parts and sewed for neatness.....

I then pinned back to front, right sides together and sewed all around the edge.  Popped in the Design-a-cushions filler.....



are you ready?........


Teenage Daughter LOVES it....and I'm really chuffed with the result!

More cushion Ta-Dah's coming on 4th June.

See you soon....Nora xx


  1. Right on! This turned out so well! I bet your daughter will love it - if she can wrench it out of YOUR hands!! : )

    1. bronwyn...put your reply as a comment!! Sorry.

  2. Haha! You're SO right!

    It was hard to give it up....BUT, she cleaned and tidied her room and it now takes pride of place on her bed.....I think that means she LOVES it!

    Thanks for popping in xx

  3. Love-ly cushion! Hope she keeps it tidy!?

    1. so far so good! Love what's been going on over at yours!

      I do read....but flit from post to post and forget to comment!!!



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