Tuesday, 22 May 2012

All sorts of Odds 'n' Ends....

No, not Making 'Odds 'n' Ends', just bits.....bits I haven't managed to share...

I've been a bit unwell again recently (hence my absence from BlogLand.....but I have read your comments and I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to let me know you are out there....I'm feeling quite isolated and yet not well enough to entertain visitors!) and I haven't felt well enough to write...well, there was nothing to write, I've been quite fuzzy (or is that empty!?) headed.

BUT...today I'm feeling a little better and realised that there is SOOOOOOO much I haven't shared with you!

Now, don't go getting terribly excited....it really isn't THAT thrilling....I just wanted to share a few little things that have been happening here.....

...like this....

...and this.....

Aren't they just BeAuTiFuL...?

Then I wanted to show you my Fruit & Veg boxes that have been arriving every week from Abel & Cole... (in case you are interested these are the medium mixed F&V boxes).......

...this one arrived on 3rd May with 4 free organic eggs (Little Lady, myself and Crafty Friend had these boiled with soldiers! Mmmm!)

...and this one arrived on the 10th May....I can tell you (from someone who really doesn't like pears!)...those pears were delicious!  And the salad leaves were lovely and peppery...you could almost taste the iron!

I have found that we aren't using it all very quickly...so yesterday I made a minestrone soup for tea using all the offcuts and bits from our meals over the last week...it was VERY nice and must have been incredibly healthy.

Needless to say I have reduced my order to a small mixed box from this week....so I'll let you know how that goes.

Teenage Daughter and I have both been unwell, so to keep ourselves amused we have been Making!

I wanted to crack on with an Anna Griffin Christmas Kit I bought from QVC.

 Yes, I know it's a little early to be mentioning the 'C' word, but I didn't want to have to be too inventive, I just wanted to follow the design sheet and achieve SOMEthing!

As it was, you only get so many designs that are the same as the design sheet and then lots of bits to start inventing your own....so that's what I did and completed the full 45 cards in one day(not bad for a £30 kit!)

Look at the lovely quality of these.....

....and I've yet to put the inserts in.....I still have loads of foiled greetings, ribbons and die cut shapes left to embellish my own creations.

We got so carried away with our creativity that Teenage Daughter and I delved into a SIZEable stash and started making cards for all occassions (especially 'men' ones!), she made the 3 decoupaged ones at the back...I love them!....

We've certainly topped up our stock for family and friends (and all the cards 'til the end of June are written, addressed and awaiting posting......organised huh?!)  We have so many that we hope to donate some to 'Craft for Life'...handmade cards available through your local Cancer Research Charity Shop...please support this by buying your greetings cards there!  Thanks xx

We've been doing the usual bit of Baking....bread, homemade pizzas, oaty biscuits etc.

Hubby has made most of the meals, kept on top of the washing, gardening and evening and weekend childcare.....what an angel! xx He'll need a rest soon!

The staff at our Childcare business have been FAB...they've covered me so I don't have to go in!  Thanks guys! xx

Oh!  In amongst all of that the car has been off the road, so many thanks to our friends and their families for helping with collecting Little Lady from pre-school and playgroup...what stars you are...xx

I get my blood results tomorrow...so let's hope it tells us something we can deal with.

That sounds enough like an Oscars speech for one post! Hahaaaa!

I have a couple of cushion reveals coming up...one very shortly (as soon as I take the Ta-Dah picture!) and the other on Pinaddicts Monday (4th June, I believe!).

So I'll see you again really soon, in the meantime take care of you.

Nora xx


  1. A quick update...... I haven't got ANY further with the Sewing Up!!!! N x

  2. Sorry to hear you are poorly - hope the news is good!

    1. all OK Nicky...haven't got the Glandular Fever test back yet...but I doubt it's that....Doc reckons it's stress & exhaustion. A bit knocked back that it can make you feel so physically unwell...no experience here with that....so.....

      Hope to see you tomorrow morning...hope you are there!



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