Thursday, 26 April 2012

Under the Weather

I've been feeling a bit low for months now.... back in September last year I had an ECG for chest pain, weeks off work, lethargy, uncomfortable throat, pins & needles in hands and feet.....well, all sorts of odd pains.

I've had a sickness bug and countless colds (which leave me with a permanently runny nose!), a trapped nerve in my neck which is SO uncomfortable and bizarrely makes the side of my head feel 'fizzy'!.

I woke up the other morning and looked yellow....not badly so....just not a great colour.

I decided a bit of a body boost was in order, yellowing being a sign of a sluggish liver, I decided to up my water intake (I'm VERY bad at drinking water!) and get myself some beetroot (thanks goodness I like it!).

I got myself some multi-vitamins and a thing my Mum-in-Law takes called Co-Enzyme Q10, an energy boosting anti-oxidant.

Happily I also got a call from a company I used to get all my organic fruit and vegetable from called Abel and Cole and re-started my order with them.

The first week I got a free cookbook and this......

I made room for it all in the fridge by using up all the little bits and pieces and cooking up a soup...topped with some sprouting mixed beans (that I had added to the delivery...teehee!)

Here's the soup.......

The delivery arrived on a VERY special day.  The Birthdays of my Little Lady and Mum-in-Law, how lovely it was to have Mum staying here with us on her birthday.  Here she is with Little Lady and Teenage Daughter......

...and here is Little Lady's birthday cake (a 3 egg version of this recipe - AGAIN!)

The buttercream is yummy......(as you can tell by the finger marks under the Happy Birthday....!)

Want to know how?

Here's the recipe quickly for you...

80g of softened butter or margarine, 250 g of icing sugar (40g of which should be cocoa powder for chocolate buttercream) and 25ml of whole milk added and beaten until smooth. 

Then add your flavouring (not for the chocolate version!)....couple of drops of vanilla essence....or any essence, strong coffee and my favourite (which this one was) a generous dessertspoonful of good quality lemon curd.....mmmmmm!  (Gonna try orange curd soon too!) 

OK, recipe over back to birthdays and groceries.......

Birthdays first.....

Couldn't resist showing you this snap of Little Lady opening a present....boy is she growing up!.....

Wanted also to show you the current house's an Springtime Easter Bunting made by Teenage Daughter and left up to decorate the room for the birthdays......

Now back to the groceries.....this week was a slightly different array of goodies with a free lemon AND a free wholemeal loaf (can't wait to taste that!!).....

...doesn't it look inviting?.....

I feel healthier just looking at it!!!

Just so you don't worry.... trapped nerve (fizzy head and runny nose!) regularly sorted by WONDERFUL Osteopath Steve Deadman and a rice bag, throat ache caused by ear infections in both ears making glands swell... now have antibiotic ear drops, lethargy associated with stress.... taking things slower and helping the poor old bod out with a food boost and relaxing Ballet lessons with my friend Jenny at Bousfield School of Dance.

Hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of family time today, and that if you're feeling a little Under the Weather, it will encourage you to do something about it!

See you very soon (I have some more Makes on the horizon!)

Good Health,
Nora xx


  1. I hope that you're feeling a bit better now, lovely to see all the things that you've been up to. All that fruit and veg looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Jennifer, feeling more human now...think all the fresh stuff is working....just got to remember to drink WATER!



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