Monday, 23 April 2012

Wedding Belles

Friday 13th April.....not a day many would have chosen to marry on. far as I know, nothing went wrong!

Not only that, last November I was Utterly Privileged to be present with my Friend (and her Partner and Mum) when she gave birth to their Tiny Angel.....crumbs!!!!  What an experience!!! 

I (obviously!) have a special bond with Tiny Angel....this was reinforced on 13th April when she also had her Naming Ceremony and I became her Life Guardian.... *sniff*, makes me a bit teary!

How impossibly chuffed am I?

Then add to that, that Friend chose our Little Lady to be her only Bridesmaid!

So 2 ceremonies, lots of dresses, flowers, buying and organising to do.  Not for me thankfully!!!

Friend had asked for some crocheted Bits....happy to oblige!

Although I knew some of what was going on by what I had been asked to make, I didn't know it all. I am so pleased I didn't. It meant I enjoyed the day. Seeing my B-E-A-U-tiful friend Emma for the first time in her dress....WOW!

Want to see?  (If sharing this is too much for you Friend...I'll remove it!)

Hope you're sitting down, she is STUNning.......ready........


You may remember back here, that one of the Makes I was working on I couldn't share Just Yet as it was for a wedding....well.....yes, this one!


Yes, butterflies.....

Friend had seen them back here, along with Baby Slippers.

She asked me to make some in various shades of pink.

I am completely convinced that I saw a link to these on Attic24, but as I now can't see it, and I am TOTALly obsessed with Attic24, I could just be making that up!  I'm sure if Lucy pops by, she'll let me know!

Anyway, I also found it by searching Crochet Butterflies and followed the link to Little Birdie Secrets, a smashing blog by friends Jessica and Mandy.  If you get the chance, use this link to take a look at Favourite Tutorials.  Fabulous!

Anyway, I was given these to embellish........

....and this little headband.....

I used pinks from my stash of floss used yonks ago for cross stitch (which is still a passion but with everything else I have no time for!).

And I came up with these.........

...small, medium and large!!

They were then sewn on to the items and this is how they turned out......

Ready for another Tah-Dah? (well, 2 actually!).....


...large first, followed by small, sewn on to the fronts of the little jackets (which I should mention are from Monsoon).

....and, hot on it's heels.......


Can't show you the headband in-situ....but here's Little Lady wearing her butterfly adorned jacket on The Big Day.......

Then, of course, were the Baby Slippers, you first saw the prototypes here.


Well, the tiny pale pink ones, won the day!

Ready for yet ANOTHER Ta-Dah?

Brace yourself......... steady.....


Modelled by a sleeping Tiny Angel on her Big Day!

Cute or what?!

It was a DeLighTFuL day...........all love, gor-juss-ness, smiles......*sigh*

So glad I could share some of it with you, hope you enjoyed your peek.

I'll be back again very soon with some MORE makey stuff.

Until then Happy Making, Reading, Blogging or whatever........!!

Nora xx


  1. Oh! What lovely items for such a special wedding! I am sure everything yo made will be cherished forever (just like the day itself!)

  2. O so cute ! I love it !

  3. Oh lovely all! What beauties! Looks like good weather too!

    You have been busy!


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