Monday, 2 April 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge - April 2012

Oh the excitement!

There I was posting this on the blog yesterday when............ I realised that the first Monday in April meant.......

Pinaddicts Challenge!

(breath, through the nose......out SLOWly through the mouth...calm, calm....)

SO, my moment for April 2012 has arrived!

It started out with this from Two Brown Birds on Pinterest, actually I've got a few different ones but this is my favourite.

Then there was a purchase!

I shared that with you in Stash and Stuff.  Remember this.....

....purchased from Fabric Rehab?

Following this tutorial, I cut templates from stiff paper (I have a file I keep templates in for future I always make them from something sturdy!)....look....

Pinned them onto my fabric, cut and laid one piece on top of the other making sure the shorter sides matched and right sides together......

The larger piece will bulge and look odd, but that's fine, you are doing it correctly!  Here's mine....look....

Sew the short edges together (not my neatest attempt....but don't worry if yours looks won't show in the end!  Promise!)

Open it out with the small right side facing'll notice the you get a strip either side of the larger piece of fabric.....that is correct.  Make sure these sides are even and press with a warm iron.......

Fold the piece in half, long sides together (in my example with the two plain pieces touching) this will give you an exact centre fold.........unfold and fold the two edges in to meet on the centre fold and this......

Sew across the short ends......

I wanted a really secure hem as this is likely to get LOTS of use, so I zig-zagged and did a straight stitch (sorry about the blurry pic!), I then pinked really close to my zigzag (it made the ends less bulky)......

Now turn the right way out......



Take a pack of handbag tissues, remove the plastic wrap and pop them into your tissue case.......

If you are eagle-eyed, you will have noticed the changes of fabric throughout these photographs...yes, it could only mean one thing........

(Apart from me forgetting to take photographs at every stage of work on the first example......over-excitement again!)

It means that both Fiona from Two Brown Birds and Louise from Sew Scrumptious were quite right!  You can't just stop at one!


LOVEd making them, so quick and easy.

Teenage Daughter and I have had LOADS of comments about them.

So we reckon they'd make ideal gifts for friends and accquaintances, teachers, work colleagues, fund-raising efforts....the list is endless.

Go on....give it a go!

So there it is in all its Pinaddicts Challenge Entry for April 2012!

Thanks for popping in....see you soon!

Nora xx

PS  Now if you look down the right hand bar you will find the 'Bloghop' for the Pinaddicts Challenge....why not take a look at the other entries or better still....JOIN UP!!!  Nx


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these (as you know!) They are so addictive to make. Yours look gorgeous! Love the fabrics. Thanks for linking up. x

    1. Hi Louise....wouldn't miss it!!

      Love your daughter was going to make a button yours should inspire her....did you say where you got the buttons?

      The tent is just fab! Will be making 1 or 2 of these for our kids club....might use some oilcloth to make them a bit waterproof - would be good for a giggle!

      N x

  2. I so want to make one of these for my handbag! I have used some lovely fabric this month from fabric rehab too - great website! I love your fabric choices and clear tutorial x x

  3. What a great idea for using up bits and pieces of fabric! I must have a go... think my daughter would love to pop her bits and pieces in too!

  4. These are fab!

    Love your fabric choice and the idea, and especially your style of writing with all the sound effects!

  5. Oh! That was easy! Thanks for the tutorial. I may make a few of those this coming weekend.

    Thanks for popping by my blog. I love new visitors!

    BTW - I am a new follower.

  6. Oh wow they've turned out GREAT! I love the fabric you used.

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Kerry x

  7. They are so beautiful, I love them!


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