Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunshine Sundress

Do you remember that in this post I mentioned going off to cut out a pattern?

Well here is the tale of Pattern Cutting Sunday!

You may have seen this post called UFOs, where I told you about some old 'stuff' I had found.  I then became re-aquainted with some patchwork pieces that I had made or at least started some 15 years ago in this post.

Well, amongst all the 'stuff' was this remnant from C & H (Craft & Home, based here in the South East of England).

Yes......purchased more than 13 years ago!

Then there is this pattern......

...purchased for a completely different project involving crochet that I shall share the beginnings of very soon!

As the pattern comes in sizes 3-8 years, I didn't want to chop it up and not be able to use it in the future (should this foray into dressmaking work out OK!)

In the 'stuff' was some dressmaking paper, so I used it to trace the pattern for age 3.

And cut it out like this......

With the mad frenzy of (stupidly) running up and down the stairs between sewing machine and ironing board!!    AND the Creative Absorption that overcomes me when I get my head into Make-World............I forgot to take any photos!!!!!!!!!

Except the last and most important one..........

Are you ready......

I'm soooooooo excited to show you........


.....modelled with the now established pot of flowers that we planted last week in this post.

I am so thrilled with the result, it looks so good, I can't believe.....I made that!

Got some more cute shots coming soon!

Until then......see ya!


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  1. Too cute - both dress and Eleanor!

    You need a matching one now!


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