Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'm Back...............

Hello, hello!! HAS been a while!

Oh!  So much going on....all good (I think)!

Visiting, visitors, making, wedding, Easter, birthdays................ooooooooooh!  It's been so exciting!

BUT.....I do feel I have neglected you somewhat!  Sorry!!!

Where to start!

Do you know....I'm not sure!

OK, be logical.

After my news about the Pinaddicts Challenge for April 2012, I had a mad week of work.

My husband and I run clubs for kids, somewhere fun they can come whilst parents work.  We LOVE it!  We had a great week being energetic on new scooters, playing football, an outing to a local play park, treasure hunt, sports morning, making pom-pom spring animals, Easter shaped gingerbread biscuits, french bread pizzas, cards, Easter baskets.....crumbs, the list goes on!

I can't show you any photographs of the children doing their thing....but here's a couple of snaps of the biscuits and fluffy friends..........

After that, we took ourselves off to a family gathering.

We went via my husbands parents in Bedfordshire to avoid the usual horrible Good Friday traffic on the M25.......dismal place!

But ultimately we were going to a little place called Button Oak where husbands family were gathering for no special reason but to see each other.

We rented a lovely bungalow with In-Laws and lunched with family on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, Little Lady was rushing about the house to tell everyone that she had seen a rabbit hopping about the lawn!

Oh!  An opportunity not to be missed!!!!  Guessed yet?

Of course, we told her it was the Easter Bunny hiding gifts in the lawn!  I duly produced my little offering.......the orange bag I made for her as part of the Pinaddicts Challenge in March.

Here she is clutching it and checking out EVERY possible crevice for chocolate!

She was sure she had seen the rabbit here..............

YES!  Chocolate!

And here was another one!

Also sporting her New Shoes, hastily bought on Saturday morning as we had forgotten to pack any for her!  (She travelled in her no shoes required! Oooops!)

And blow me down if Teenage Daughter hadn't done the same thing!

Anyhow....lovely weekend!

Rounded off on the way home by a couple of nights back at the In-Laws.  I DO Love It there.

We walked with Little Lady to the local windmill, it is so picture wonder they used it for an advert (with Diurmuid Gavin walking out of it) to advertise bread for....Morrisons, I think................

Bliss and delight, on Wednesday we returned home with Mum-In-Law, she is such a honey, I do Love her so.  It was a last minute thing to give Dad a break from caring and catch up with being himself for a while.

Thursday, Teenage Daughter (who was pining by now!) got together with her Friends, they made Raspberry Smoothie (with the obligatory Whipped Cream & Sprinkles) for themselves and Little Lady, look...........

The sheer DELIGHT in pursed lips and sticky cheeks!  Mmmmmmmm!

Well, for the moment I won't subject you to any more Non-Makey news, I was really just popping in to let you know that I am back and have things to share, so I hope to see you again VERY shortly, then it WILL be with something Makey!

Until then, take care,

Nora xx


  1. It was quiet on Tuesday without you!

  2. I shall return with Tiny Angel and Wedding Belle!

    Missing chatting about craft! xx

  3. I'm so happy you're back, I missed you so much !
    Nice moments with your family and nice photos !



    1. ELODIE!!!!

      Thank goodness.....I've been trying to find you....your facebook disappeared and I was worried I would not hear from you again! Phew!

      Glad you like the blog, catch up soon xx


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