Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Bonnet 2012!

I went to collect Tiddly Toes from Pre-School on Wednesday and was obviously mumbling the usual stuff about see you next term........... blah, blah, blah!  When Staff Member says...won't we be seeing you at the Egg Hunt tomorrow?


I must have had that 'oh....the Egg Hunt ' face.......she smiled sweetly and said 12:15 for lunch then come back at 1:45 for the Egg Hunt, cake sale and games!

OK, no panic....I know where the leaflet is about this at home..... Hoorah!

Get on with the rest of the day (which is quite a long one as I finish work just after 6 and have to eat before going to Ballet at 7:45!!)

Next morning I read the leaflet....... Easter Bonnet........EASTER BONNET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, no self-respecting Toddler could ever take part in an Easter Egg Hunt without an Easter Bonnet!

Thankfully my Aunt had bought a little hat from the pound shop....don't ask me how much it was!!  Hahaha!

I had some ribbon, brads, tissue and glue (card-making stash!)......... some 'nest' material and 3 chicks from craft projects earlier in the week!  Phew!

I cut, pierced, threaded, scrunched, glued, fluffed and tied.....

With the following result......ready?


And here is my darling Tiddly Toes in her Jelly the Pug sundress and a gorgeous little bolero from John Lewis sporting THE Easter Bonnet of the season!!

And I couldn't resist showing you this picture of Pure Ecstasy that is Chocolate Crispy Cake..... you know how that feels don't you?

And who could resist those rosy cheeks and chubby hands?  Delicious!

Hope to have some more Makes soon......*GASP* ......just realised it's Pinaddicts Challenge for April starting tomorrow!!!

Yippee!!!!  *hoppy, skippy, jumping about with an insane grin*  Yeeeeehaaaa!

OK, OK, calm yourself.

Off to photograph my entry which means I'll probably be back VERY soon!


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