Monday, 5 January 2015

It's all over!

It seemed ages to get to December, nanoseconds to get to  14th December (my cut off when I convince myself that all the main stuff is done...hahaha!!), then school ended, I'm waylaid by a cold (which has been building for a few days) and finding life a slog with appointments for dentist, hair, hospital etc are requiring attention.  There are undelivered cards, presents to be wrapped, meat to collect!!!!!!!!  Arrrgghh!

*Calm* I convinced myself that I would be forgiven by everyone when normal service had been resumed...SO..... I took things at a leisurely pace writing my Christmas cards with Crafty Friend when she came to lunch, doing housework a floor at a time and rewarding myself with crafting time to make last minute pressies.

I arranged and delivered a great kids club Christmas party (even if I do say so myself!). And it helps to have great colleagues who really get into it and stay 'til the bitter end!

We had The Hubs parents down for the weekend before Christmas, lovely! (But hard work and I spent most of the time in bed, out of their way so that they didn't catch this lurgy before Christmas!)

We then did appointments, local card deliveries and shopping.

Lovely Crafty Friend and husband collected our turkey and gammon when they got theirs from our fabulous local butcher and delivered it to us on the way back from their supermarket shop.

Guess what?

Thanks to the support and love of our friends and colleagues....WE DID IT!

A lot of the fussy bits were missing, you know the sort, bits you like to do but don't need to.

However, on Christmas Eve......I made cakes with Little Lady......

....cooked the turkey, wrapped the last few pressies, scalped cut 3 heads of hair and set the table....

 ...each place had a fun placemat to keep them amused, a scratch card, a party popper and a cracker.

On our trip earlier in the week to the hair salon, I bought this from my favourite florists, Stems.....

This is our table (covered with brown parcel paper...which we found collects spills and is great for doodling on!)......

Can you see towards the left hand end of the table an orange with a candle in it?  It is a Christingle, we made it at a local Christingle service at the Methodist Church on Christmas Eve., after which we then took a quick 5 minute drive out into the local (dark) countryside to catch a glimpse of Santa on his sleigh (actually the International Space Station) passing overhead... It was great!

On Christmas Day our eldest son phoned to ask if a friend of his could join us so we had an unexpected extra for lunch......

all good, and to be honest I wouldn't have enjoyed my dinner knowing that he was on his own.

So here we are just handing out the pens and paper for the quiz!

(Look at Little Lady drinking her J2O from a sherry glass 
thinking it was wine like the rest of us!)

Christmas Day was rounded off with a photo finish of the seven of us again.....

The backlight was a bit of an issue, but it is still a treasured moment and photo.

Boxing Day almost didn't happen due to illness.....but here we are with our lovely Australian friends who are in the UK for their summer holidays.


 We got Mr Australia with party poppers over dinner.....

He obviously didn't mind!

We had such a great time with family and friends but then came the long awaited time to switch off and recover, time for puzzles, games, films, craft.....loved it!

We had a small gathering on new year eve, we had dinner together and then played silly Wii games and board games until we saw in midnight watching London's fireworks on TV and drinking glasses of pomegranate champagne cocktail.....

so all that is left for me to say (rather belatedly as I am still fighting off this cold this after over 3 weeks!)

And may 2015 be all that you wish for!

See you soon

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