Monday, 19 January 2015

vintage patterns and stash

A couple of years ago I helped my sons friend move out of his family home.  His mum is a very clever lady who has fashioned their 1970s house into a throwback to the 1940s or 1950s and makes her own clothes from a library of vintage patterns she has lovingly gathered.

Add to this my holiday reading of almost the whole blog of the lovely Handmade Jane, I am inspired.

I have been scouring the Internet for vintage patterns I like.

The clothes journey started with this Colette book on dressmaking.  Many people unfamiliar with dressmaking recommended this as a good way to learn skills and construction.

I have also found modern patterns with a vintage twist in my Sewing World magazines.

And free patterns on the V&A website like this one....

Moving towards making for myself I have bought these...

Love the button back on this one (view C)....not sure about the fullness of the skirt so I might have to reduce that a bit!

On this one I particularly like the curved button closure, it reminded me of the Afternoon Blouse by Jennifer Lauren Vintage ........

I was surprised that despite being a shop size 10 on the top and 8 on the bottom, I am almost size 16 on vintage pattens, a mix of sizes on modern patterns (a good reason not to buy them!) and a perfect size 4 in Colette patterns.

Not only do I love the patterns, I adore those watercolours depicting the dresses.

I love them so much that I think I will be colour copying them and putting them in frames to adorn some blank walls in my home!

I bought a new and modern pyjama bottom pattern as I can never find comfy ones in the shop.  The pattern is teen to adult unisex so it can be for myself and The Hubs.

Hub is only 5ft 2 inches tall and very slightly built.  We have terrible trouble finding clothes to fit as there is no such thing as petite menswear.  I shall use this to transform some of his shirts that are worn at collar and cuffs into pyjama bottoms.

I do have some fabric, but it's not really suitable for dressmaking, nor is there sufficient for my size.

With this in mind, I have to tell you....I have made purchases of the fabric-y kind!!!

Calm oh pounding heart!

Our local fabric store is closing down (nooooooooo!) And all fabrics are half price....YES.... HALF PRICE!!

I went in and found this gorgeous Robert Kaufman brushed cotton, so got 4m for some pyjama bottoms for myself (pattern above...happy days!) and Little Lady.

Then there was this delightful lawn........

........ which is likely to become a tie for The Hubs and whatever else I can get out of it....oh! How about some knickers!?  I could use the pattern from my Birthday Kit (post about that coming soon!)

Then last but not least, this......

Its prairie from Dashwood studios, I thought it might make either a nice dress or a Betty Draper blouse to go with my Burdastyle Sailor Pants .

Even at 50% off it's an outlay all in one go...but (you knew there was going to be a 'but' didn't you?) it does give me something to work with as I make progress on my handmade wardrobe. (Well, that's my excuse!)

That's the update on to do some very boring but totally necessary food shopping and I'll be back soon to share my birthday and Christmas treats.
See you soon,

P.S. in case you are interesed, the button back vintage pattern appears on The Little Tailoress blog and she too reduces the skirt by the looks of it!  Happy Days!

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