Monday, 12 January 2015

New Year, new lounge......

That's a lie actually!

It just FEELS like a new lounge.....!

In fact it feels like 2 spaces...odd.....

Here is the before...........

Then comes the 6th January, for those of you not familiar with UK traditions, it is Twelfth Night and all Christmas Decorations must come down.

For me it is Spring Clean the Lounge Day!

I always give it a good 'do'.

This year was no exception, the sofa covers, cushion covers, quilts, blankets and blind all went in the wash, the walls, floors, skirtings, doors, handles and switches were all vacuumed and wiped. Windows, frames and sills cleaned, mirrors and furniture damp wiped and polished!  No speck of dust was left unturned!

It is then my challenge to re-arrange!

It then feels like you've moved...all fresh and new.

This is how it turned out......

(Still no covers on the sofa!!)

It smells so nice, it looks so feels so nice!

Fresh look and fresh start.

We are all back to work and school now and a sense of normality is returning.

I am missing the madness of chaos and noise but I also love the calm of a quiet house and the time to clean, organise and appreciate my family when they return.

Hope you're getting into the swing of 2015.

See you soon,

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