Thursday, 8 January 2015

Santa Sack Swap presents!

Wa-a-a-a-ay back here, I told you that I had entered the Santa Sack Swap and here I showed you the wrapped gifts for my partner at The Fabric Laboratory all ready to go.

Well, my box from her arrived and...ooooh!  the excitement!

We had to wait for our date to unwrap and to be honest I missed it as I was under the weather. just meant that I would enjoy the suspense and lovely gifts all the more when I did feel up to opening and photographing....can't let you guys miss out on this either!

So this is my box..... exciting!

I'm going to start with the we go!

First out it this gorgeous mini bunting, the tag says a 'tinsel substitute', I'm not into tinsel at all....but I'm very into this festive bunting!

Here it is on my tree..........

Next out was this colourful little number.............

Know what it is?  It is a they actually...look......

...lovely and colourful and cheerful, just how I like things AND with purple...just like my new coat!

Next was this..........

How I love little houses, I have a few on my Pinterest board.  As I am quite 'heavy' on my keyrings, I'm likely to use this as a bag charm instead, it'll help preserve it for longer!

Next up, a practical gift....coasters, festive ones at that!  Lovely........

...and don't you just love the tag too!

Smelly treats...............................

The liquorice heart smells gorgeous and I think will be heading to my car.  The candle will be saved until my major clean on 6th Jan (when the tree comes down) and will be burned as I relax in the evening in my nice clean lounge!

Next up some useful pins and a kit to use them on.

The kit is for a notebook cover (hence the notebook and variegated thread).  My swap partner made some at The Festival of Quilts in August 2014, take a look at it here.

No stocking would be complete without sweet treats and of course....... orange in the toe of your stocking!

Talking of stocking, here it is.....

I just love those appliqu├ęd baubles.

There were 2 other parcels in my box, the first said it was for me and Little Lady.

Look what I got..........

It looks a bit crumpled here as it was folded for it's journey, but I shall give it a press and (as it contains my 'summer' colours) this will be my Summer Bag 2015..perfect for a purse and a tiny tube of sun cream (ever hopeful!)

Little Lady got this Monster Bag...........

I can tell you was love at first sight!  She spent hours making paper bugs for it to eat and it comes down in the morning and goes up to bed at night...a total hit!  Thank you from Little Lady xx

 Last but not least was a parcel wrapped in this fabulous paper.......

And inside was this.......

Isn't it gorgeous?  I have been looking, Pinterest-ing and planning on making one of these, Helen has beaten me to it and has chosen by beloved rainbow colours for buttons....DeLiCiOuS!!!

I couldn't leave out the 'cheeky' tag.....hilarious!

I feel fortunate to have been partnered up with such a thoughtful and talented partner.

Helen, I was overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, your parcel brought me many smiles whilst opening and I am sure will continue to do so throughout this year and beyond.

From the bottom of my heart........

I'll be back soon with the contents of my parcel for Helen.

Until then, take care, 

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  1. glad you like it, and that the monster has a fab home too :)


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