Sunday, 30 November 2014

Stash Additions from the Eclectic Maker

After months of various things popping up and distracting me from a trip out to buy fabric, the day arose when no distractions popped up and the trip became a reality....woohoo!

I'd had my eye on this gem of a store for ages with the intention of going down to discover what treasures awaited within. 

The excuse arose when my Aunt, who owns a beach hut at Shoreham, asked me to help her with a job.  Not only would I help her at the drop of a hat, but to then be within minutes of discovering the treasures behind the door here at the...... was a 'no-brainer'.

It is a lovely little shop with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

After a lot of fabric admiration, stroking, comparing and enjoyment...I settled on these adorable fabrics.........

You'll see this in a new project shortly...I'm even going to try for a sewing tutorial!  No idea what it is called but as Little Lady is starting on her reading journey and her bedroom is lime green, this was a must for her!

Next up was some yellow grey fabrics to compliment an on-line purchase...that triangular fabric on the far left.  It is going to be used to put a decorative edge onto some roman blinds in our kitchen, and what's left will become place-mats along with the rest of the fabric here..........

I have no green in my kitchen, look.....

But I loved the green leaves in the fabric second from top and decided to use plain green to back my place-mats.  I think it will add a little zing and give me the chance to introduces splashes of green without it being overwhelming or detracting from my lovely seed-head wallpaper.

Next was a purchase for Teenage Daughter............

It was supposed to be for a pencil case, but as she was nonplussed about the fabric, it actually got used in another project for Christmas which I won't be able to show you until after the big day.

Next was some plain beige linen which I wanted to use to make a Zakka inspired zippered pouch...more about that another time too!

And finally something that I have been um-ing and er-ing about buying for some time, and am I glad I did!  It's a bias tape maker and in my tutorial(using the alphabet fabric above) you will see that I used it!

It was a bit fiddly to start with, but now I have the hang of it...I LOVE IT!  I thought I might sew a string of my scraps together to make lovely scrappy 'ribbon' for tying up presents...what do you think? 

If any of this has grabbed your making mojo, why not click here to discover the Ecelctic Maker for yourself.

As the projects from this stash additions unfold, I'll keep you updated, but don't hold your know what I'm like!

Until the next time, take care,


  1. loving the colour combination in picture 3. cant wait to see what you make

  2. So pleased you like the colour combo, I feel reassured. Found some lovely modern quilt blocks on Pinterest which have inspired me.....but you could be waiting some time to see the finished article as the Christmas makes are stacking up! x

  3. Happy New Year Nora and Family x


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