Saturday, 29 November 2014

The start of my journey to make my own clothes!

I've been following the lovely blog of Handmade Jane for a few months and have loved catching up with her dressmaking story and her style which is something I have aspired to.

One of her posts really got me going on the dressmaking lust that I had contained for so long (out of sheer panic that there is simply no way I could achieve fabulous results like her!)

The post was about this lovely blouse she made.....

And the inspiration for it..............

(Betty Draper)

So I started to scour the earth for Simplicity 4238!

I very quickly found it in Etsy in a lovely little shop with a sweet story called Crazy Grandmas Attic.

The size was a 32 bust and I figured it could be a bit small for me, but decided to take a risk as, even without any sewing experience, I was sure I could somehow size this up to fit!

A short while later, this pretty little package arrived from America........

 With a lovely note and this sweet and thoughtful little extra in the packaging......

And there inside my delightful little package was an even more delightful packet, look........

Apart from the delicious sketches and the aged packaging and pattern...look at the price!

This precious pattern is currently languishing on my bookcase awaiting some soft cotton, maybe lawn, to fall into my shopping basket (hur-herm!), in the meantime I have started my dressmaking journey with trousers!

More about that another time....when I've got my head round it!

Until my next post...see ya!


  1. Aw, so glad my post inspired you to buy that pattern, can't wait to see the finished blouse! x

    1. Your blog has been fabulous. I can't wait to make the blouse, but for the moment I've just finished the muslin for my sailor pants (also inspired by you!) and it fits like a glove with no fat arse adjustment despite off the peg stuff being too short from seat to waist and not accommodating my small waist and sizeable rear!

      Btw, I also have a son with ASD, life can be hard work, but so rewarding. I was worried for his future but he is now at Brighton Uni AND working part time for Tesco - who'd have thought!

      Lots of love xx


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