Thursday, 6 November 2014

Another round up, this time July!!!

I've already shared this post about my lovely friend visiting for a bit of TLC, gossip and making, but there were other nice things in this month too.

Tiddly Toes had to make a garden for school, so after considering making it in a shoebox or jam jar, we decided to opt for an update on the garden on a plate and go for a pasta serving bowl!

She painted a ceramic birdhouse in her two most favourite colours, we used a scrap of red and white spotty fabric to transform a light pull into a toadstool, we used a flower pot dish and a small mirror from a 'make your own hand mirror kit' she received for her birthday, a bit of dowel for line posts, silver thread for line and some mini pegs I found in my old paper crafting box.  We invested in 2 odd looking succulents, a grass and some gravel and set to work.

This is what we came up with...........

Crafty Friend bought her the little sign with her name on it to "Welcome All Friends!" to her garden.


I just love that toadstool and the 'pond'.

And just look at that dinky little clothes line for fairy friends!


I also had a trip to a local village for a new hair-do, whilst there I discovered the most wonderful charity shop, you'll have to excuse the screwed up look of the items, they were out of the bag and on the line (with the other washing) because I was so excited!

I found this lovely French Connection belted tunic...........

Just love that design and the colours.

I also found a lovely cotton cardigan which apart from being an incredibly lovely colour and fit may also become the backdrop for a pair of crocheted collars! 

Then partly for colour, partly for elastic(!) I fell in love with this gorgeous dress......


And last but not least was this small beaded handbag by East................. 

I love the colours, details, beads, design....what's not to like about that!


I also went browsing in another local charity shop that I know has odd bits and bobs and came up with this little gem in the bottom of a rummage basket...........


Isn't that just adorable?  Like most crafty things I buy, I have no plans for this, but I just know it will come in handy for something!

Sadly in July Mum-in-Law fell quite ill and Dad-in-Law just wasn't coping, so wonderful Hubs ran a mercy mission to them and ended up staying a week!  Whilst he was away it was mayhem here what with the end of term, the start of holiday club, the end of term BBQ, a very nasty allegation reared it's head (which I won't bore you with as people with sick minds don't deserve air space!) and functioning as a lone-parent, was our Wedding Anniversary!

My lovely Hubs sent me these beautiful flowers from my favourite florists called Stems.

So as a treat for my Hubs, I decorated the kitchen as a surprise for him,  what do you think?

That see-head wallpaper is on the opposite wall too.  It goes so well with our gloss white kitchen.

He was very pleased.

I have yet to make the blinds, I have the fabric, but I'm a bit caught up with Christmas making, which I can't show you just yet in case it gives the game away to an unsuspecting friend!!

I will be back soon, not sure what with, but I will be back (call me Arnie!!)

'Til then, toodle-pip,

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  1. The fairy garden is so cute! Good job done there
    Loving the charity shop finds especially the bag. That is a real find.
    The cherry band/ribbon I would, if there is enough of it add it to the head band of a knitted hat or beret. I have a folksy traditional hat from E Europe that is lush.
    Please tell us more about the back splash behind your stove top... its lush


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