Thursday, 27 November 2014

A little bit of recycling....

in the form of paper chains!

Little Lady came home from school yesterday in a make-y mood.....hmmmmmm...nothing planned so what can I lay my hands on?

Tucked into the wardrobe is an old wooden wine box where I squirrel Christmas-y things away when they come to hand.  There are bits of ribbon either freebies from Magazines or those annoying little ribbons that they sew into the shoulders of clothes, free papers, stamps and stickers from magazines, leftover scraps of good wrapping paper, kids magazines and sticker books and....wait for it....the trims from crackers!

Last year we made crackers but the year before we bought some trimmed with lovely beads and ribbons.  The crackers themselves were also very pretty, so we uncurled the tubes and squirreled them away.....Jen at My Make Do and Mend Year would be proud of me!

Here they are.....

So I trimmed them down like this along with some Christmas-y odds of paper and got this............

Add a glue stick and a 5 year old who just cannot contain her excitement about Christmas and the result is........

....recycled, dirt cheap paper-chains and a very contented and non-electronically amused 5 year old....happy days!

Have you got any recycling tips for Christmas?

Off for a spot of lunch, I shall be back soon with some more fun and makes, 'til then,
See ya!

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