Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mr Blue Sky......

Yes, you did read that correctly....BLUE SKY!

The odd little fluffy white cloud, but on the whole, Beautiful Blue-ness....

...and sunshine!  Wonderful!  I can smell Spring just around the corner......*sigh*.  Bliss and smiles here in West Sussex.
I have nothing else to share just now as it has been a bit mad here....MIL down for a fortnight (delayed by the snow) but but wonderful coincidence means she is here whilst The Hubs is away on business...hate not having him around.  Not been feeling great, nor have the girls, nor has MIL!  Been sewing and will share the whys and whatnots of that soon.
In the meantime enjoy the sun if you have it xxxx

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  1. Back home, "spring" just means lots and lots of rain!


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