Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Slight technical problem.......

do not retune your set!

For some bizarre reason (which this technophobe is unable to fathom) I can't insert photos into my posts!!!!

Any one else got this problem on Blogger?

If you have any idea how to solve this.....PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have some love-li-ness to share.

Hope it gets sorted and we can catch up with a chat soon!



  1. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. I think the post I was working on was corrupted because I re-wrote it as a brand new post and it worked just fine

  2. I have been clicking on the html button so that I can upload mine. The after waiting patiently I switch to compose (I think it's called that) and type and shuffle the photos. There seem to be lots of probems with blogger at the moment.
    Jille xx

  3. My mum had this problem and using Google Chrome browser sorted it out. I have problems sometimes and have also found that it worked with Chrome, I hope that you get it sorted!


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