Saturday, 12 January 2013

OK, I'm getting cross now!!

I managed to write a post and used photos that I had already uploaded....scheduled it for around 10ish Thursday evening....AND.....

it was deleted, lost....stolen!!  Who knows!!!  It has simply vanished (hey, maybe I'm a magician and didn't realise!!)

Blogger is seriously getting me down....need to find time this weekend to investigate further!

Thanks to everyone for solving suggestions!

I'll keep you posted on progress.



  1. Did you open the post on an iPad after you wrote it? My iPad deletes posts

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but, no..I don't have one....but that's not helpful is it. An iPad would be so handy for writing on the move!

      Just gone in again, afresh. When I press the add photo button and the new window pops just doesn't give me a browse button to select photos from my albums. It will let me choose those already uploaded to it....but that's not much help!!

      It was fine when I wrote Goodbye 2012 on 2 Jan! Technology! xx

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