Saturday, 12 January 2013

Shhh! yes, it's MORE stash!

I couldn't help it!

Well, OK, maybe I could have said no!

Could you say no to gorgeous fabric or beautiful yarn or pretty paper..... or whatever is your addiction?

It does actually have a purpose (she says cheekily with her tongue in cheek)  it is for Tiddly Toes quilt.  The one about 'Melman' (that's giraffes to those of you who are not familiar with the Madagascar films!)

Not that I was going to start on it just yet, but then.....I couldn't....I didn't have the right mix of fabric!  (teehee!)

So without further ado, here are the additional stunning fabrics......

(misty photos still!)
I love the Minky...little lady chose the's from The Eternal Maker.  I've heard horror stories about working with this, so maybe not the wisest choice for a novice!  I'm looking out for a good tutorial or maybe some tips if you have any for working with this stuff!
I shall be posting up my (slow) progress as I journey through this quilt, so please feel free to comment as you like!  I'd appreciate all feedback...I think chatting about things helps the creative process.
...and here is what they are going with (told you about these back here....naughty aren't I?), well at least some of them coz I think I've decided to ditch (from the right) the first, second, fourth and seventh fabrics, three have a creamy coloured background and don't quite look right. 

Tiddly Toes loves rainbows and has asked for a rainbow somewhere on it.  By wonderful design fluke, her name has seven letters!  You can see where I'm heading with this can't you?
The main part of the quilt I should like to be a trellis design, with the trellis in white to balance the riot of colour.....found a fab one the other day....can I find it again! Grrrrr!
Never mind....just means a bit more searching until I come across it again!
In the meantime, I'm hoping that this post won't disappear, that I can find time this weekend to solve the uploading photos problem that Blogger seems to have at the moment, and return to share the Christmas makes I had been beavering away at in December (hence not alot of blogging!)
Until then, Happy Making,


  1. Is this the missing post? Lively fabrics, can`t wait to see the quilt in progress. Jille xx

    1. Hi some forethought I had uploaded the photo weeks ago when the fabric actually arrived, so yes, it is the missing post but re-done (not my original one of a few days ago!) and with no new photo uploads! Grrr!


  2. UPDATE!!!! It's here....found the quilt (although I'm pretty sure this was not where I originally saw it!) Just trawled images of Garden Trellis Quilt....and there it was....on a couple of sites actually!

    So chuffed!

    So the idea is to do a square of this and then to make it an oblong.....put a white panel with rainbow colour letters (ish) spelling her name and then border with the famous Melman fabric! Yeehaa!

    1. LINK.......


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