Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Goodbye 2012

Well, didn't that go by quickly?

Can't quite believe that another year is upon us!

Towards the end it all got a bit frantic with family things, illness, work, pressie making and wrapping....need I say more?

But I felt I neglected you in the rush of other things, so I'm popping in today to give you a gift  update!

I do hope you won't mind if I share some of my wonderful gifts with you.....but I think you will enjoy them....and it might even inspire you to pop them on your Wishlist!

Shame this is such a photo-laden post, as my camera is's a bit misty...quite romantic sorry about the fuzzy-ness!

Going back a few weeks now, it was my birthday at the end of November and I was thrilled to receive a book that I had had my eye on for some time......

Can't wait to get started on this!  Poppy Treffry has a wonderful way of making this seem soooooooooooo easy!  We'll see if she's right when I actually let the first 30 pages sink in and pluck up the courage to get going!  If you think you might like this book, you can find it here along with some of her other titles, she also runs courses and can be found at or here for her catalogue if making becomes to much and you turn to buying instead!
I also received Jaffa Cakes and Garibaldi biscuits as I do like a nibble with a cuppa but have to be careful of the fat content.
I also got this very seasonal gift, which I still haven't given the kiss of death!  It's going strong in the kitchen...............
Yes, a Poinsettia!
I was also fortunate to receive some birthday money and used a little of it to buy myself these...............
A Lavender bag and an Owl Brooch made by a very talented lady called Chris from Chris Made This.
I am a bit of a teabag too.....

I love White tea and Jasmin Green Tea, my other fragrant favourite is Earl Grey which I got in a set with a tea bag tidy to save the numerous trips back and forth across the kitchen to the compost bin....I can now save them up and do them in one run and spend the time saved blogging and crafting doing housework!
My Tiny Angel gave me photo frames for both Birthday and Christmas, look.....
I also got a copy of Sewing World Magazine for my birthday........
I've had a lot of magazines over the years, more recently, Simply Homemade, Making, Let's Knit and Mollie Makes and unfortunately the more I've bought the more they get same-y...there's nothing in them that I couldn't work out for myself!  Then they bring out a bookazine with all of the best projects in anyway, and that's only twice the price of a monthly mag!  So guess what, I've cancelled the subscriptions, look at them in the newsagents (just to assure myself that I am missing nothing!) and when a decent Bookazine arrives I shall get that instead....if it's good enough!
HOWEVER......Sewing World has been great this year as it has published an article every month about different feet on the sewing machine and how to get best use....well!.....with a new sewing machine - that was invaluable!  So for Christmas I got a subscription to Sewing World!!!!  YAY!
My Teenage Daughter knows I have a Wishlist on Amazon, so she can point her Dad in the right direction when it comes to buying Mum a book!
I got this one for Christmas...Teenage Daughter will love it too...when she gets the chance to get her paws on it!!!!
It has already inspired me to crack on with Tiddly Toes 'Melman' (giraffe) quilt....there's a stash post coming soon!!!!
Then on New Years Eve we had Crafty Friend and husband and my Godfather and wife over for nibbles....Crafty Friend came up with this gem.......
She knows it is not a book I would but myself as the projects are too wide ranging for me, however, she understands the need sometimes to immerse yourself in the 'lifestyle' and feel good factor a book can bring without necessarily being useful.
Lastly some smell-y treats! The big box came from the family of 2 little boys we look after at the out of school club - what a treat!!!
We also have numerous tins of sweets and biscuits to work our way through AND quite a few bottles of wine!  Shame!
I must disappear now to cook Mac Cheese for dinner tonight.....mmm!
I'll see you soon with my Stash Confession and some makes, can't wait!
Until then, take care and........



  1. Happy New Year! Just discovered your blog and I love it. I`m off to do some back reading. Jille xx

  2. Happy new year! It looks like you got some lovely pressies! Can't wait to see the crafty makes you produce as a result.

  3. Lovely presents....I too love to have books as gifts. Many thanks for the crochet link :)
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Helen x


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