Monday, 11 February 2013

A new project....

...requires some purchasing...doesn't it?

And the excuse was the Lovely Mother in Law NEEDED a ball of Stylecraft Special Double Knit, there was (and still is!) a great offer over at of 15% off of to let a discount pass me by....I, erm, well......I ordered some yarn!

Without further ado (coz I'm too excited to let this go on too long!), here it is....

(VERY dull light again today!)
The 2 balls top (green) and top right (lilac) are James C. Brett yarn, left over from a project my Mum made for Tiddly Toes (more of that another time).
These are my colours for the throw for my bed............

Not sure if that should be with or without the shocking pink....what do you think?  Not sure if that green is quite right either....might swap it for the James C. Brett green (top of the pile in the first pic).  What do you think about swapping?

I blame Rebecca. (sorry Rebecca xx)

I've been inspired by this gorgeous photo from her wonderful Hopscotch Lane blog to makeover my bedroom................

My OCD brain jolts at the irregularity of the popping red.  However, this photo.........

...seems a little calmer, but I think that my brain is tricking me, because there seems as much red, but it's not hitting me in quite the same way.  Don't know why.  Anyway, those are my inspiration for a change of bedroom decor.
We have all Shaker style Walnut bedroom furniture (not solid wood unfortunately), but the grain is nice for fake stuff!  So to keep light and airy and go with the woodland theme that's around (without getting too childish).  I've decided (I think!) on this wallpaper from Laura Ashley...........'s called Cottonwood, it has a lovely pearlescent sheen.  That's going behind the bed.  On the remaining walls....well, there's another story!
I wanted to take a look at eco paints as I get really bed headaches (and sometimes vomiting!) when decorating and had heard that normal paint emits gases into your home for up to five years (is this why I have felt unwell for the last few years?), so read this article.
Having followed the links to other sites, I was quite taken aback to discover that Painters and Decorators suffer from high incidences of lung cancer....nice!
Do I really want the conventional stuff in my home!?  I'm a bit late coming to this as it's been well know for a couple of decades, but Petro-chemical companies aren't going to let the shaggy dog tell you that now, are they?
I've found 2 cracking paints called NaturePaint and earthBorn paint.  One is ready mixed, the other is a powder you mix with water....saves transporting water around!  Although they are more expensive, I think my family and I are worth it.
Well after a bit of a break from the blog (I have been keeping up with you guys though), it is nice to be back with a share.
I've got some makes and bakes coming soon, so I'll see you again shortly.


  1. You have bought some lovely yarn in such pretty colours. I apologise that my timing sucks but have you seen Masons haberdashery? They sell stylecraft dk for £1.60 a ball or a pack of 17 assorted colours for £27.20. Jille xx

    1. Haven't even heard of them!

      Must take a can NEVER have too much yarn...can you?



  2. I love the red popping out from the other colours. I wondered where you were going with the balls of pastel yarn with one ball of red - but when you see the blanket it works

    1. I had the same thought, but it really works doesn't it?! With everything else either dark walnut or shades of white I'm hoping this will add a focal splash!

      Thinking of crochet lampshades for our bedside lamps too!

      NIce to see you again xx

  3. Oh those balls of yarn.... They look so good! And that wall paper is absolutely lovely!

    1. Glad you like...thanks!

      What do you think of the green tho'?



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