Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Blanket Edging

I have an uncanny knack of aquiring other peoples projects to finish.

Sewing on buttons, quilting things, crocheting loops for get the picture!

The latest request was BIG!

I have to admit that I wasn't keen.....but as it was my lovely Mother-in-Law.....and she begged asked soooooo could I say no!

She had been asked by her sister to knit a cat blanket! (To keep her amused!)

In a lovely, practical (hur-herm!) colour for cats.....pale yellow!

She beavered...and when she came to stay the other week, brought it with her and beavered some more.

Because of her failing eyesight she knits in squares and then sews them together.  For her squares she chose plain stocking stitch, rice stitch, a rib and a basketweave, like this....

She managed to get all the squares done and sewed together the night before she left to go home....phew!
Now, normally, I'm one to put things off *embarrased squirming*, I have a quilt that's been here for......oh gosh...too ashamed to tell you how long!
Don't know what it was about this one...but I WANTED to get on with it.
I started by going all around the edge in DCs (Double Crochet), making 2 DCs into each corner to try and make it more corner like...not sure if I needed to or not!  But it gave the blanket a nice base for the next step, like this.....
I then went 4 chains along from a corner, made 3 chains (to represent my first treble) and made four trebles into the same stitch.
Then miss a chain and slip stitch into the next chain, miss a stitch and 5 treble into the next chain, miss a chain, and slip stitch into the next, miss a chain and 5 trebles into the next and so on, like this...........
At the corner because I needed to make a whole 'fan' and a half I made 8 trebles into each corner, missed a chain, slip stitched into the next and carried on with my 5 trebles etc, like this..........
It's not fancy, and to be honest it wasn't even time consuming (funny isn't it, how the things you dread will take A-G-E-S actually take less time than you probably waste more time putting it off!)
So without further ado, I present my first joint Ta-dah and Mother-in-Laws first ever Ta-Dah.........TA-DAHHHHH!..........
She asked me not to press it (she's obviously heard about my skills with an ironing board!) so sorry about the wrinkles!  Quickly took this shot outside in the freezing cold as the light is too poor for indoor shots...does show the colour quite you can see NOT cat friendly!
I'll be returning soon with more Lemon.....this time edible...mmmm!
Until then Happy Hooking  xxxx

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  1. What a pretty edging! It is the perfect way to finish off all of those knit squares!


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