Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review : Pretty Things

I don't think my opinion is that valuable that I would ever recommend something.  I might say that it was interesting and worthy of reading, seeing, trying etc.  So for me to review anything is a break from the norm for me (not that I'm sure many people who know me would ever associate me with 'norm'...whoever he is....haaha!)

BUT, this little place I found whilst on walkabout in my local town has stolen my heart and completely knocked me off my feet!

If I said there's ALOT of pink...and different wallpaper on every wall...painted furniture.....bunting...bit's and bobs might think...eurgh!  Too busy, too overwhelming, well........

wait 'til you see...I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is pure delight.....look.....

doesn't that just say...come inside?

doesn't that me!
doesn't this say....... party room!

Or is that Girlie-Shopping-Afternoon-Tea-Room?

OR let's get together and learn to crochet, stitch, knit....knit and natter......or stitch 'n' bitch!
doesn't this say...browse..!
doesn't this say, sit down......*sigh*
doesn't this say...anyone for tea?
Oh!  Go on then... mine's a pot of Earl Grey and a Toasted Teacake..........
....and it was delicious, relaxing and a perfect place to sit and crochet!  Proper loose tea, proper tea strainer, proper tea cosy....proper china!  What else can I say...what else do I need to say!
This was the perfect, cosy oasis for a break and a create..lovely!
Thanks Pink Ladies for a divine morning tea xxxx
If you'd like to take a peek yourself they're at No.4 Park Place, Horsham, West Sussex, England.... Bronwyn!  One for you on your next visit xxx
Back soon with some paper makes, until then...toodle-ooo!


  1. What a lovely little place! I'm wondering how far from me it is...
    Thank you for the link, I love what you did with your hexies.
    Jille xx

    1. More hexies on the go, but this time only about 2" ones, to get rid of small scraps!

      If you make it here, do let me know....pot of tea for 2?


  2. WOW! What a place! It looks like how I dream HEAVEN must be like!! :) I love the wallpaper mix and the colourfully painted chairs. Throw in some tea and baked goods and I might have to take the trans-Atlantic flight just so I could browse for a few hours!! What town is this delectable shop found in??

    1. Horsham, West Sussex Bronwyn. The address is in the post and the link shows you where Horsham is in the South East of England

      It is a very pretty part of the UK but only about 30mins from the coast and 40mins by train to central London. If you do ever make it here.....look me up!


  3. It looks lovely! And I thought I recognised it from the picture, I grew up in Horsham and my parents live there, I will have to pop in next time I'm visiting!

    Thank you very much for commenting on my blog, I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with tangled, messy hair! We do have a tangle teaser which works very well, but I will look into some conditioner or detangling spray.


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