Thursday, 30 April 2015

Little treats have arrived.....

I was all despondent and tired after a slog of a morning on the computer...I needed a pick me up and as I got to the sewing machine realised that I couldn't get on with the project I wanted to as I had no white cotton!

How did that happen?!

At that precise moment someone knocked on the door.

I went and opened it.....

Who stood there but our postman with 3, yes 3 parcels!


I  excitedly ripped the wrapping from the first.......

A real naughty treat!  I wasn't going to buy it, but it did look like my kind of book and I haven't really bought magazines for months as they are all same-y...can't wait to get stuck into that tonight.

Next parcel....ripped the wrapper off and......

24 pastel Moon Threads from Coats...deep I can get on with that project...happy-skippy-me!

Next, the plastic wrapper was shredded off of this...........

The hubs has bought me subscriptions to this and Sewing World, so they are the only mags that cross this threshold at the moment....very excited, no idea what's in there!  But both are the only mags that really get me making stuff so that's why I continue with them.

So there we are!

Pressies for little ol' me *grin*

The making I was able to get on with will be hitting your screens in the next few days, until then happy sewing, knitting, baking, gardening...or whatever your bag is.


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  1. I love receiving parcels and these three are just lovely....


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