Monday, 27 April 2015

It's Been 3 Weeks.....

...since I last blogged....boy has it been busy here!

We had a. Lovely Easter weekend including an egg hunt in the garden.....

Both The Hubs and I had the week after Easter off, so we were able to relax for a few days before his Mam &Dad came to stay for 11 nights.

While they were here Mam and Little Lady both celebrated their birthdays.

For Little Lady the celebrations spanned the whole weekend with a bimble around town and lunch out at Ask Italian (her favourite restaurant) on Saturday and on Sunday, breakfast in Granny & Grumps bed with lots of present and card opening.

We were going to buy Little Lady a new bike, but Daddy & Grumps managed to mend her old one.

So for her main present she had her quilt! (Yes, more on that VERY soon!)

And from the cat a Tooth Faerie Cushion....... (Made that too!)

Auntie (Crafty Friend) arrived with a bag of presents, all crafting related...stickers, glue, glitter, pens, pipe cleaners, felt shapes.....wonderful!

A new bubble machine arrived too...great hit.

The Frozen themed cake went down very well too (thanks to Mr Tesco!)....

We're planning a shopping trip to spend her birthday money and I think the price of a new bike will be going into her savings account for a rainy day.

Over the 3 weeks I managed to escape away for odd moments to crochet.....I'll catch you up on that soon.

It is nice to be back and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all in the next few weeks.

Until the next time, take care,

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