Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Doh! Now I get it!!!

Yesterday I told you about my brain-warp misunderstanding of the instructions to make this blouse....

No matter how many times I looked at the sketches and read the instructions, nothing made sense!

What do you think?...... 

I sent a message to the wonderfully kind Jane of Handmade Jane (kind, patient soul!) who has made this blouse numerous times and went to work hopeful that she could help.

I returned from work to find a young lady in our house who is shortening my daughters prom dress.  We got chatting about my new journey into making clothes and I showed her my blouse at the 'needs the collar on it stage' was all pinned but I was unconvinced....and rightly so as she popped a pin out, popped the buttonhole facing the other way round and said 'there, that should do it'!!

So simple when you know how and understand pattern construction!

Moving from the right hand picture of 'a.' above to the left hand picture of 'b.', I had folded the facing to the untidy 'inside' of the blouse (away from me) rather than the tidy 'outside' of the blouse (towards me)...couldn't believe how such a simple mis-read of instructions could cause so many hours of painstakingly reading and re-reading the instructions...knowing something was wrong but not seeing the most simple of solutions!

I did faff a while longer to build up the confidence at then thought.....'ah!  Jane!!'.

I hopped on here and sure enough, kind and thoughtful Handmade Jane had directed me to this link on her blog.

What a cracking explanation with photos.....

It confirmed that what I had done so far was correct and that the correction by our guest was quite right (not that I doubted her one iota!)

I wanted to share this story for 2 reasons...

Isn't it amazing how 1) a chance encounter and a common interest  and ...

2) a begging comment on the blog of someone I've never met....

could not only solve my issue and give me confidence BUT more than that, give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the kindness of strangers to want to share their knowledge to help me learn with no benefit for themselves except for.....a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Thank you to both ladies...I'm off to sew!

Hope to see you soon.

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