Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Is there a seamstress to help with pattern translation?!

I'm on a journey with my first ever blouse.

It's the gorgeous Simplicity 4238......

The choice was inspired by Handmade Jane who has made some beauties using this pattern.

I'm going for View 2 without the false pockets.

Anyways.....I'm getting there...BUT......

I have now got to this.....

...and I'm telling you...it may as well be written in Serbo-Croat for all I know!

If you can help me get my head around this Rubik's Cube of a blouse I'd be really grateful!

I'm not being thick (really!), I have just never put a collar on anything and I want to get it right so that I can do this again and not be put off.

Back soon with some easier makes!

Until then, have a great day!

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