Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Using Freezer Paper to Print Your Own Labels...Ta-Dah!

It's taken me a while to get to this with a lot of mistakes and accidental discoveries along the way, but finally, I think, I have it!

I like making personalised gifts, so to be able to print my own labels and photos would be great.

I have purchased ready prepared fabric for printing on, but found it SO expensive, then through a mix of experimenting and getting it mostly wrong a lot of the time, I had a lightbulb moment that was confirmed during a foray on Pinterest where I found articles about exactly this!

This is a Ta-Dah technique rather than a Ta-Dah item!

I bought some white 100% cotton fabric.  It's not the thickest in the world, but it will work.  It is 150cm wide and I bought 30cm which is the height of a piece of A4 paper, this should give me around 7 A4 sheets at 21p each!

Slightly better value than this which I had previously purchased from Panduro Hobby at £19.90 for 5 sheets!

In addition I used Reynolds Freezer Paper from Amazon which I picked up for £5.76 (free P&P!), so at 12.1m, this equates to around 10p per A4 sheet of my printable fabric 'paper'......

I only needed my iron to attach the 2!  I took apiece of printer paper for a size guage and once I had ironed the shiny side of the freezer paper to my cotton, cut a rough A4 size.

I then went to my cutting mat and using my largest ruler and trusty rotary cutter, still keeping the printer paper as a guide, cut my bonded fabric and freezer paper to A4 size.

Here it is......

So that I knew which way to load my paper, I printed my labels onto plain paper having first marked it with a cross for orientation.....

When it emerged, the cross was on the back, so this told me that I would have to load my paper fabric side down, freezer paper uppermost.

Which I did and then pressed print!

This is what came out................


Using my mat, ruler and rotary cutter, I cut my labels to size...........

And here is the finished label, ready to be sewn onto Little Lady's quilt!

All 31 pence of it!  (In fact cheaper as I could have got 4 labels out of one piece of A4!)

I have used this technique to print more labels which I shall be sharing with you shortly.

Hope this proves useful, any questions then please ask!

See you soon,

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