Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Make Me a Wardrobe 2015..........#mmaw2015

So you may remember back here, I made the very rash decision to join this challenge set by Jen over at My Make Do and Mend Year.

Jen completed her MMDaMY back in 2012/13 and has continued her blog with recycling, up-cycling, reusing, re-purposing and generally using up and putting to good use things that would otherwise go to landfill OR prevents landfill being used for packaging by reducing what she buys packaged AND being healthier by cooking from scratch (hope that's put it in a nutshell Jen!).

She most recently threw down the gauntlet for herself, to use up her stash of curated fabric and reduce the need to buy new by making herself clothes from said stash.

She very kindly (and probably for company if she's like me!) opened up the challenge to other disgraceful hoarders her faithful followers and named the challenge Make Me a Wardrobe 2015 or in true hash-tag fashion.... #mmaw2015.

In January I submitted a stash-busting reversible pinafore made for Little Lady and in February my Pyjama bottoms.

This month comes a make that isn't so much 'wardrobe', but it is something that I have been promising to make myself for literally 3 years!

I bought some fabric from the clearance stack at my local C & H Fabrics...about 3 years ago!  It was intended for a dress for Little Lady, but then she grew quicker than I could find a pattern I liked and then I wasn't sure if the fabric was really her anyway!

I've been coveting aprons on Pinterest for so long....I've now popped them on my Afternoon Tea board...why not!

And that is what bought me to this make...

This Saturday I am holding a Red Nose Fundraiser in the form of A Lazy Crafternoon Tea.  I'll be serving all the usual fare and helping friends out with craft makes for a donation to my cause.

Well, every self-respecting Afternoon Tea Hostess NEEDS a suitable apron for the job!  So armed with my fabric and a couple of spotty fat quarters for the trim and pockets I set to work on a reversible apron.

I took the basic pattern from here, changed the neck and used this pattern for the pocket.

So here's mine.......

Sorry about the non-smiley, concentrating face!

And here's the other side.....

The smile's better but the light's not!

I can also bring the ties to the front like this....

....and this also shows the pocket detail.

Here's a close up of the pocket on the other side......not perfect but not bad for a first attempt and just right to pop a tissue in!

Because I fiddled to get the pattern I wanted, it took longer than I thought, but I LOVE it!

That's my entry for Make Me a Wardrobe 2015 for to think about April.....

Until the next time.


  1. That is lovely.... I try to make do and mend and really struggle to pay for anything these days... check out my bags at great for shopping, market, and anything really. Keep up the good work.

    1. Just in case it's preventing people from ordering....I can't get your etsy site to give me a P&P price except in USD. Happy making and thanks for taking the time to drop in x


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