Monday, 2 March 2015

Some lovely spending!


Yes, guilty AGAIN!

But, it's all (well nearly all) in a good cause, twice over!  It came from my local charity shop, Horsham Matters and is for me to fund-raise.

This coming Saturday I am holding a Crafternoon Tea for my lovely friends who like eating Scones, drinking Tea and Making!  We're going to be raising money for Red Nose Day in conjunction with Mollie Makes Magazine!

In order to put it on in my mad style, I have been searching the charity shops for some lovely bits and pieces and have been somewhat successful!

How about these....

to use as a little cover for the jam

to put the jam in!

for serving something delicious!

lovely little sugar 'shovels', one for jam, one for cream!

6 gorgeous little glasses, look at thee birds.....kingfisher



I also have a lovely tea set and 2 mismatched teapots.  I have bought sugar tongs from eBay and are currently searching out pastry or cake's going well and (I hope) will all come together for Saturday afternoon!

You will also have noticed a pink gingham's for another Little Dress for Africa...more about those another time.

I'll let you know how the Tea Party turns out!


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