Thursday, 5 March 2015

Magnetic Pegs

I've been looking for some pretty but fairly large magnetic pegs for my fridge and freezer.

When we had the kitchen revamp I vowed to have NOTHING on them....but Little Lady was only 6 weeks old and as she's grown there are the inevitable works of art, achievements and events that have no home.  So what better to use to display them all but pretty pegs?

And after trawling the Internet and finding nothing that I liked at a price I wanted to pay, I've now got these.........

I found the pegs and some magnetic strips whilst browsing in my local The Works shop.

Here's the wrappers with the cost!.....

Not at all bad eh?

All I did was cut the strip to fit the full length of the peg and stuck it on!

So here is my newly organised fridge and freezer.........

...with space for Little Lady to use the bottom portions.

Happy Little Lady, happy Mummy & Daddy.

Catch up again soon, 


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