Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cushion Finish Up!

Back here during my bedroom declutter, I told you about some unfinished projects ........timeframe? Oh....about 10 years ago!!!

One of them was a shaggy cushion made on HUGE needles whilst watching my daughter's swimming lessons.

I decided to get a cushion pad and finish it off.

The cushion pad arrived together with its twin (for another project!), additional yarn for my Granny Poncho and some yarn to finish a round crochet cushion...only problem....the later is the wrong make of yarn!!

I took a look at my fluff and decided that as it couldn't be sewn I would use my mistaken purchase to crochet it closed.

Good thinking batman!

I made a round of double crochet (single crochet to my US friends) and once I'd gone round once I then began a shell edge.

The basic pattern for this (in UK terms) is to make 5 trebles into one stitch, miss a stitch and slip stitch into the next, miss a stitch and make 5 trebles into the next stitch ,miss a stitch, slipstitch into the next, miss a stitch, 5 see the pattern.  Then you simply continue the miss, slip stitch, miss, 5 trebles pattern along the straight edges.

I managed to somehow get the corners just right, you might have to miss 2 stitches or not miss any in order to get to the corner.  Once there the corners are 9 trebles to get 3/4 of a circle, like this.......

...then miss a stitch, slipstitch into the next, miss a stitch, 5 trebles into the next...yep, that pattern again!

So, once I'd finished the crochet and the 20 questions from teenage daughter about it's history, she remembered that this was the fluff I was knitting whilst chatting to her Grandpa (who has since, sadly, passed away).  So she requested to give the cushion a new home and it now has pride of place on her bed...under Grandpa's watchful eye in the photograph above.

A reminder of happy days.

Want to see the finished article?

Here goes......Ta-daaah!

So glad to have caught up with you on that one....I will be back soon with a quilt update (after Teenage Daughters Sweet 16 Birthday on Thursday!)

Until then,
take care

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