Sunday, 8 February 2015

A HUGE binding project.......The Arsenal Quilt!

....and it's not even mine!

My Aunt has been busy knitting squares to keep her self occupied whilst she's been recovering.

Her daughter is an Arsenal football club fan, so the squares are red and white!

She has sewn them altogether, I can tell you it weighs a-L-ot.

The measurements are 130 inches by 85 inches.

I need to quilt and bind this so I've decided that as the only other colour in their logo is the golden yellow of the gun, that I will button quilt and bind in yellow.

I bought a bag of mixed yellow buttons from KosiKrafts on Amazon for £2.59 (including P&P!)

and some Canary Yellow fabric from Dolly's Craft Corner, also on Amazon for £3.18 per meter and free delivery!

I used the calculator on Quilters  Paradise which advised me that on the width and length measurements and using a 2.5 inch binding that I would need just under a yard of fabric, much less than I had imagined I would need for the binding.

It took me over 2 hours to lay out the vintage quilt my aunt gave me to back it and the yarn-y top and pin it to together.....

I'm tellin''s H-U-G-E!

So I'm at the stage of sewing a button on to each cross where four knitted squares meet.

I'm simply using red and white Stylecraft Special Double Knit which is currently available at Wool Warehouse for £1.69 per ball with free delivery on orders over £25 and if you have this months Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 28, you'd get a 10% discount on that too!

All I'm doing is sewing through the button and all layers, back up through the button and tying the ends off to secure...not rocket science, but it looks effective.

So far I've done all but 40 buttons by sitting in the evenings watching New Tricks and securing about 20 buttons at a time!  2 more episodes to go and I shall be on to the binding!

I have to say I am looking forward to hand finishing the binding more than machining it on and having to manoeuvre the vast weight of blanket and quilt around my machine!

But that's for another day, today I shall concentrate my efforts on BUTTONS!

I'll be back soon with another update on something...not sure what yet!  So much on the go.....

Until then, see ya

P.S. The buttons are on!  So it's soon to be binding time.

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  1. Well that is a lot of work and will be well worth it!! Lovely quilt and nice buttons! Enjoy it :)


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