Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rice bag

Ages ago I made myself a rice bag for a troublesome shoulder that was disturbing my sleep. It's one of those ones that you pop in the microwave to heat and it lasts a good 1-2 hours. It moulds perfectly around shoulders and necks in a way that a hot water bottle simply can't.

As my Teenage Daughter suffered with neck and shoulder ache due to a curvature of the spine, I found my rice bag missing...well, I found my rice bag in her room!

I had a bit of a sort out which I told you about here and found a rice bag outer that I had cut out, but that was it. I don't use any specific measurements, I've made a hand warmer size and plan to make a bigger one before the winter for my feet!

I decided to quickly sew it together by sewing the 2 long sides and then finish the opening by turning and sewing and turning and sewing again.

  Turn it through to the correct side and push the corners out with something blunt.

I also make an inner that contains the rice, being removable, it means you can wash the outer cover. I used muslin for my liner and roughly cut a rectangle slightly smaller then the outer bag. It was folded at the side so I stitched bottom, side and along the top just a short way to allow myself room to fill with rice.

I turned it the right way round, filled about half way with rice, folded the un-sewn top in and ran a stitch across it.

Popped it inside the outer and..... TA-daaah!....
If you want a closure (my own does but this one for Teenage Daughter doesn't) you could use velcro or make a button-hole and add a button, totally down to what you want to do to it and how fancy you want to get! Have fun!

Whilst I was making this, I realised how safe this is for children...no leaking or burst hot water bottles....so my brain is ticking with Rice Mice that you can take to bed and cuddle! Wouldn't that make a lovely, cuddly, warm toy friend to take to bed?

I'll keep working on that one and catch up with you soon.

Until then, take care,
love Nora

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