Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cheers Everyone, I had a Jolly Good Time!

This was how Joy said goodbye and wanted to be remembered, so this is not a sad post but a 'Joy'ful one!

Joy was ....wait for it, it's complicated....the step-mother of my husbands first wife.  Phew...there we are.

Sadly she moved on to pastures new a few weeks ago sent on her way in a beautiful bamboo basket and to the sounds of Glenn Millers Big Band music...go girl!

Joy lived life to the full and her big passion was her garden, with this in mind I wanted to show you the beautiful arrangement put together by Stems of Southwater, our local florist.

The brief was garden flowers in a basket that didn't look to funeral-ly and sombre.

So here it is........................

Don't you think that basket looks like a trug?

Alliums, roses....

Just the right colours....

It was so gorgeous I just had to share.
If I find a nice picture of Joy I shall add it later.
Life has been busy with this and that, I have been creating in between school runs, pre-school runs, work, rellies and all the usual hubbub of life, but I promise I will stick my head up soon with some progress reports and possibly a Ta-Dah!
Until then, Blessings,

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