Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bunting update AND Ta-Dah!

Back here I told you about a request for bunting for a newly decorated Tiny Angel bedroom, I had cut 13 and sewn 4 pennants and cut out and applied the applique for her name.

WELL...... I have since finished sewing all the pennants and embellished the applique letters with pink embroidery floss in a simple running stitch......

Once done came the decision on bias tape to make the string for the bunting. I popped onto eBay as there are some brilliant little fabric suppliers on there. I found the perfect thing called Molly from Favourite Fabrics.......... BUT...it was out of stock!
Disheartened, I just switched off for a few days, I would never find anything else as perfect, it matched one of the fairies dresses just so!
It nibbled away at the back of my mind and I gave in and decided that I would choose something else.
I popped back on eBay and whilst I was skimming about, couldn't help but look at my hearts desire once more............ and what do I discover to my complete delight?
Yes.....it was back in stock!
So I ordered it, it arrived, I cut 3 metres, placed my central pennant and worked outwards from there leaving about 7cm between each one. Pinned it all in place and whizzed it through the machine.
** At this point, I have to share that I dislike referring to my trusty side-kick as 'the machine', so I am contemplating a name and I am leaning towards a female name...but I digress!**
Bunting is now complete!
Want to see my finished bunting?
I am SO idiotically chuffed with this, really, it's silly, but I'm sure you get a bit dizzy with your successes sometimes.....ready.... Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHH!!
Do you like?
Tiny Angel Mummy does (thankfully!). She sent me some photos!

...and this of the tiebacks.....

I'll be back soon with some more news from this neck o' the woods, until then....toodle-pip!

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  1. Perfect. And so cute. Lucky Tiny Angel. Hope she likes them? Jude.x


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