Sunday, 11 August 2013

Good-bye Pre-school Days

Yes, I can't believe it...BUT....Tiddly Toes has finished her pre-schools ready to start school in September!

It has arrived so quickly.

One minute I was shocked to be pregnant at 42!  The next she's going to school.

Thanks goodness for the blog and all that it records and also that it forces me to take photographs (whether they make it here or not!), so I have recorded daily life anyway.

We didn't want to buy in presents for the wonderful 'teachers' at her pre-school and playgroup, so we decided to make lavender bags and cards.

My Crafty Friend had bought me some cup cake stamps a while ago and those together with some free papers from Simply Homemade magazine, a punch and some card blanks.........

led to some sticking for Tiddly Toes......

With a bit of guidance she produced these..................
However, it was Mummy's job to produce Strawberries from some Strawberry fabric left over from her t-shirt dress.
I used a cookie cutter (again from Crafty Friend) to make a card template for cutting like this......

I very simply used embroidery floss to make a running stitch around the heart shape about 5mm in from the edge..........

Before I got to the end I stuffed lightly and popped in a coupe of teaspoons of dried lavender.
I used a star shape to cut felt into the strawberry tops and placed the ribbon for hanging between the dip in the heart and strawberry top and just went back and forth through all the layers to secure it.

And here are the first batch..................  ta-dah!

I went on to make another 7!
Tiddly Toes had a great response from the teachers... it was clearly a welcome alternative to the much appreciated smellies, chocolates and plants!
I realised as I was writing this up that I haven't even told you about the Strawberry Dress properly.....or my other trip to London for a once in a lifetime purchase that I thought I would never be good enough to buy!
More of those in the next couple of days as I catch up on stuff that has fallen by the wayside whilst lovely MIL has been here.
Until then....see ya!


  1. How lovely, the strawberry lavender bags are gorgeous!

    1. I really love lavender, I must make a project where I use some for myself! Do you find you spend time making things for others and never for yourself? x

  2. I had my youngest at 42, he'll be 23 next week, enjoy TT's childhood, time passes far too quickly.
    Joy xx

    1. Hi others are 21, 19, 17 & 14 and I don't know how that happened! ...we are certainly enjoying TT as we know she's the last, time does pass far too quickly. Enjoy the birthday celebrations next week xx

  3. It's so true how fast time goes by. My youngest is now 20 and I wish that I could rewind the years to make him young again ;-) I love the photo of your daughter concentrating as she creates.

  4. I dread them growing up and leaving home, hence we started again (we did lose twins 2 years before TT arrived)it is lovely to have childish laughter in the house makes a change from teenage grunting and hormonal rants!

    I love her concentration face.....and chubby dimpled hands <3


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