Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer Holidays - Day 2

So today was a home day I was expecting some deliveries for Kids Club.

Little Lady and I had breakfast in bed watching CBeebies and just as we had finished getting dressed my neighbour popped along with Tiniest Friend (who didn't want to go to town....Bless!), so she came to play instead.

Tiny Friend and Little Lady made more of the Shrinking Fairy Charms, here they are.....

Lovely, aren't they?

Next up for them was the garden playhouse with food, prams and lots of imagination.....

It didn't last long as it was so cold and windy!

So back in for dressing up.....

After lunch there was a bit of creativity in the form of.......

Bling rings......!

Plenty of snail petting, house building and fun throughout the day......

The inevitable 'selfie' with snail pal........

All rounded off with 3...yes THREE pieces of Cheese & Onion Quiche, salad and new potatoes with a frozen yoghurt lolly to seep into the cracks!

I think we can safely say it was another successful day!

What will tomorrow bring?

Until then, toodle-pip!


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