Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Holidays - Day 1

Yep, that time of year again and ...yep...I know the holidays actually started last week BUT, with Kids Club to get up and running, I worked last Thursday and Friday whilst Little Lady went into Kids Club!

So, for us, holidays really only started today, and I will still be working for the next 2 Thursdays and Fridays too.

But as a little record (more for myself than anything), I thought I'd photograph (or at least try to remember to photograph!) our DO-ings for each day.  Can't promise I shall be successful!  But here is Day One......

Girls trip to the hairdressers, Little Lady is done and enjoying a hot chocolate and a biscuit whilst she waits for Teenage Daughter to finish.

After this we were due to picnic at the local play park...but it rained!

So we decided to picnic indoors instead!

After lunch we had company..... 

....for dressing up and snail home building!

This gave me a little time for a cuppa and a biscuit and.....

A little time with THE blanket working the Join-As-You-Go-Grannys.

The tiniest visitor got a bit left behind with the big girl play (which is unusual as she is sooooo switched on!), so she found one of Little Lady's craft kits.......

...and we made these Shrinking Fairy Charms by Galt (available at Argos, and I highly recommend them as a gift or Summer Project).  I have a proper heat gun from my paper-crafting days and Tiny Friend was mesmerised by the curling and distortion of her fairy until it came good again!

I got them treasure hunting.....

..for broad beans and peas.  A great conversation ensued about which bits are edible and which bits you wouldn't want to eat (the furry bit of the broad bean case!)  and the pea skins were munched and a few taken for the snail house!

We ate these this evening with our Mac Cheese and Garlic Bread, Little Lady had 3 portions of Mac Cheese and then downed a Jubbly and 4 pieces of watermelon!  Obviously worked up an appetite!

At the moment she's happily playing (or that should be thrashing!) Daddy on the Wii....great fun!

We have a home day tomorrow as we are awaiting some deliveries, so who knows what we might get up to!

Have you got small people to entertain?  What have you got planned?

Until tomorrow, byeee,

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