Sunday, 26 July 2015

Blanket Update

How do!  It's been a while....and have I been busy.

I have a stack load of stuff to catch you up on and some fab piccies of events, makes and general pretti-ness!

So on to today's NOT ta-dah!

W-a-a-a-a-y back here and here and here I told you about a blanket inspiration, yarn purchase and progress.............

I've been scouring Pinterest deciding on a joining method.....I hadn't realised there were so many.

I thought I was settled on a flat braid.......

.....there's a great tutorial here for it.

But sometimes when you start things just don't hang together as you want, so, sadly, I tried it and it just didn't look right.

I took another look at the initial inspiration for my blanket over at Hopscotch Lane.  Becky had chosen Granny join as you go......

Gorgeous isn't it?

She also made this beautiful Spring Day Blanket......

Same Granny join as you go method.

So...I decided to join with Granny clusters.

Now for the best 'path' to take with a 12 x 10 blanket.

After much more searching I have settled on the Join As You Go - Continuous Method from Heather at Patchwork Heart.....

It is exactly the same pathway for more squares and is easily remembered.  It is also easy to remember the order of your squares as you work row by row.

I am excited to announce that (at L-A-s-T!) all 120 squares for my blanket are finished!

I want to say 'ta-dah' as this has been a mammoth crochet task, but having the squares complete, whilst being a milestone for me, is only half the story.

Now to arrange them in some pleasing way and photograph (so I don't forget!).

Here they all are, every single one different!

So, on with the joining!  In White.

See you soon with more 'stuff', until then...

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