Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May Day Early

...I know that is now late, but it has been madness here, so this is really just an excuse to hop in, say 'Hi!', let you know I'm still in the land of the living before I crack on with my bonkers week!

We decided ages ago that as we were both working half term that we would really make the most of our May holiday on Monday and have a BBQ, sadly, the weather was forecast to be not so great *sad face*

Undeterred, we simply moved our feast from Monday to Sunday (and had roast dinner on Monday!)

So here are my BBQ moments from a day filled with sewing, a walk and some play-park fun with Little Lady......

Can you believe that the trucks she is playing with belonged to Mr Musician (now aged 23!)....and yes...those are her pyjamas!  She wanted a Jama Day....why not?

The Hubs slaving over a hot BBQ cooking the home-made burgers to perfection........mmmmmm!

Our spread...small but delicious....a salad made from not a lot left in the fridge but cress, pointy peppers and carrot (and some herbs from the garden!), potato and egg salad with chive from the garden, The Hubs favourite coleslaw (from Lidl!) and Batts Tomato and Chilli Chutney (also Lidl!)

All washed down with a glass of the chilled stuff (Australian Chardonnay 2014...you've guessed...Lidl!) with iced lemon.

Does life get much more simple better than that?

Are you up to anything special this half term?  Or is this not half term for you and yours?  I get the feeling that Heather over at The Patchwork Heart will be filling her week with hooky creativeness....if that's your bag pop over and take a look, her work is beautiful....and fast!!

I keep promising to return, and I shall....but just not sure when!

See you soon

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