Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Crochet finish up!

Whilst de-cluttering I not only found unfinished knitting projects, but crochet projects too.

Do you remember me making these.....

Well, shortly a after I started making another one but never finished as I ran out of yarn.

With my cushion order I told you about here, I ordered some yarn......

 to finish of this UFO.....but it was the wrong yarn!

I use some to finish this....

And I decided that, despite the colour being out and the wrong brand (!), it is still cotton and a similar colour so I will plod on and finish the crochet cushion it was bought for.

My OCD is shouting at me not too....BUT..... I have ignored it and finished!


...gracing my Ercol find on eBay.

I can tell you I haven't really jarred my eye on the colour change and I'm suitably over the moon having this finished and out of my UFO pile.

Have I learnt anything? Yes....don't leave stuff unfinished, don't faff about ordering, just do it (so that you don't miss the boat on colour changes as I did with this!) and don't always listen too closely to the OCD!

Not sure what's coming next as I have 4 party gifts to make for Little Lady, her party to organise, a heap of stuff to copy and send to Ofsted, a house to run, a family to feed, a Teenage Daughter starting her GCSE exams this week...you get the picture!

See you soon,


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