Monday, 11 May 2015

Bunting for Party Gifts

Little Lady was invited to a party and we had the inevitable struggle to think of a present.

But then I hate buying 'stuff', surely a handmade gift has to be better than an off the shelf, same as everyone else gift..doesn't it?

I had half decided to keep up with the making, but go for something both boys and girls might like and settled on Tooth Fairy Pillows or Bunting.  I like to make gifts but I'm never sure if they are appreciated or whether people think you're being a bit of a 'cheap-cheat' because they don't realise how much work goes in to it.  As yet I have only received one thank you, from a parent, for a child's handmade gift having made Elsa and Sofia Felt Crowns & Crayon Rolls.

I asked if Little Lady knew what colours her friend liked, she went for the inevitable pink but also green, blue and purple, so although pink is the main colour in various shades there are also splashes of green and blue and purple.

I also ran into the child's Mum in the playground when she apologised for not getting back to me about our acceptance and suggestions for a present, but that she was struggling with what to buy here goes....

I said, I make stuff, how would you feel about some personalised bunting?

I am glad to say that her face lit up and she said that she loved bunting!

Sadly it was all a bit of a rush and the camera was playing up so I have no photographs of that particular one....HOWEVER!

The Mummy of this little girl was SO pleased with the present that she asked me to make 2 more sets.....and for these I have photos!



Sorry I wasn't able to get a hanging picture, but the light and weather hasn't been that great (until after I gave them to her!)

She was delighted and therefore, so am I.

I loved making them and at a very stressful time they have been a welcome distraction.  It also means that instead of paying 69p per metre for the tape, I invested in a 50m roll from eBay  for about £6-7 and it can also be used as apron ties.  Not bad at all.

I have also learnt...ask....and if you feel you get a good response....go for it, and if it seems a bit luke- warm then immediately say....or is there something the child is interested in...craft, dinosaurs and move on.

I might try putting together some felt sewing kits and seeing how they go down...not sure.

Anyway I digress!

I have another low fat recipe coming soon and some more crochet...a finish-up no less.

So until the next time,

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  1. I would have loved to have received bunting for a present as a kid. Especially to be hung above my bed. I had to share a room so it would have been my little area. Good idea!


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