Monday, 16 September 2013

The first cold of the Autumn

Wasn't that quick?

A last little heatwave last week to say goodbye to the Summer Holidays and as the children went back to school, hello Autumn!

And with it, a cold! I feel yukky! Just jelly legs, bunged up and listless.

I'm trying to do something otherwise I get so cross about the waste of time, but it is Sunday, so I'm not too guilty about resting.

My family are out at our favourite local Indian restaurant called Darchini, they are saying goodbye to our son Charlie who heads back to Southampton Uni very soon. I told them to go because I couldn't deal with the guilt that they would miss out and I didn't want to be forced from my bed to eat a meal I wouldn't be honest, I'm enjoying the Peace & Quiet of home.

So here is me, cup of tea and dunk-y biscuit, in my PJs, on the bed, feet under the edge of the duvet and with the Granny Makings of my Hopscotch Lane inspired blanket......

Bliss and tissues.... a happy albeit slightly sneezy day!

See you soon...for a 'Melman' update and some French Alps photos.


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