Monday, 30 September 2013

Family Fun in the French Alps

So you've had the cultural bit, and here is the Family Fun bit.

I just thought I'd put these separately so that those who like scenery could dip into that and those that fancied some snaps of Tiddly Toes screamingly excited in her snorkel could chose to see those too.... here we go......... tired lady on the way there!

...trying to keep up with the big girls (Teenage Daughter on the left and Teenage Friend on the right)

...the colourful Carousel, it had to be ridden EVERY evening!

Tiddly Toes took this picture of donkeys at Baume les Messieurs.

A pony ride on 'Est', he was one chubby, hungry horse!

Out on the lake with Daddy...she LOVED riding in our little dingy.

Snorkel fun!

Daddy trying to explain how you put your face in the water AND breath!

MORE Carousel!

After a hard evenings Carousel riding, all self-respecting girls need Candy Floss!
Alfresco breakfasts......
Alfresco dinners......

and picnics on the beach!

Playing with friends....

....and having fun on your own!
We really had a most wonderful time, we're glad to share it with you, we're sad to have left and happy to be home.
The computer has been red hot since we got back....not least of all with a bit of purchasing!  More about that soon.
Until then, take care,

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