Thursday, 12 September 2013

*Gulp* The Tiddler has started school.....

I just wanted to share with you all this gorgeous photo of the smallest person in our lives who started school on Tuesday.........

She is LOVING it and although she is only 3 mornings and lunch a week at the moment, she is TIRED!
It has thrown our usual routines into chaos, and although she is excited to go, trying to get a tired one to get dressed and breakfasted on time is a bit of a strain!
My heart is divided, I miss her and I know that as I let her go, life will never quite be the same ever again, but I know that she has outgrown me to some extent and needs the stimulation that school and friends can offer.
We still have days together and we will be using a Monday to do stuff, like the farm or soft play and Friday looks like it will be a day of rest and recovery at dough, baking, sticking, painting and swinging.
We do really have the best of both worlds and we are going to try to fight through the tiredness to make the most of it!
With very much love to all the Reception children and their Mummy's out there,


  1. Oh my!!! Even though mine are old enough to have children of their own, I still remember those days... my middle child was still having an afternoon nap when he started school... you can imagine the chaos that caused at school! :-)
    I hope she has a great time at school, and that you enjoy the time you do get together. Jude.x

  2. Nooooo! It cannot be! Good luck!


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