Saturday, 16 June 2012

Stir crazy......!

Those of you who know me (even a little) will know that I bake...sometimes successfully....but cook.....woah!  Not really!

Cooking has never been a strength of mine.....Gorgeous Husband, well...what can I say...he produces THE MOST lovely meals.

Not tied to any one nation his Chinese is as good as his Indian, Italian, Traditional British.....great cooked brekkie!

Me?  Well, if you want to eat something half decent, you wouldn't rely on me to produce it!


2 Butternut squash sitting in the bottom of the fridge lead me to the scariest meal EVER!


Not for the faint-hearted, weak-kneed or limp-armed!

I had heard horror stories of Risotto....sticks, burns, comes out in wobbly slices!  (that sounds like my rice pudding!!)  Teehee!

Unperturbed, I got out the Abel & Cole cookbook, the one that I got free with My first order back here, this one......

Found a Squash recipe.........

I doubled it up to use as four main meals and instead of rocket used spinach ('coz that's what I had!) and as I can't eat cream (too high fat) I used 4 tbsps of Sojade soya 'Cream'......mmmm!  I can't eat normal cheese either so I used half fat cheddar,I find the best tasting, cooking and looking one to be Tesco's own.

This is a very steamy rice, onion, wine and some stock picture right at the beginning.

This is a nearly cooked butternut squash picture....

It took about an hour of constant cooking and stirring to get there (oh!  my arm!!!!), but, I was in NO hurry.  I could have probably turned the gas up a bit....but I didn't want the burning thing or stodginess......and I added the stock S-L-O-W-L-Y so as not to drown it and have it not as sticky as it should be!

Once the rice is cooked you then add your spinach and squash and serve immediately.

Want to see........


..... we topped ours with lemon juice and black pepper.

It was really rather good!  My youngest son (who turned 16 this week) went back for more.....!  That's always a good sign.

I suppose the point to this story is, step out of your comfort zone....try something different, it'll probably work out if you take it S-L-O-W-L-Y.  But if it doesn''ll have learnt something you didn't know before!

I have put the recipe up big enough for you to read and try....go on, give it a go!

See you soon,
Nora xx

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