Friday, 22 June 2012

R & R

Hasn't the weather been just awful?

We did get a few rays of hope sunshine last weekend, but since's not been great.

Today was dry but so windy....I managed to get some washing dry, but sit out? I don't think so! 

I have to say that I'm not a great outdoorsy person, I love to be wrapped up inside my home, even the garden is an adventure!

But I am beginning to feel like a caged animal....a little stir crazy from months of self-imposed enclosure to avoid, gales & rain.

I wondered if there was a solution that could up my daylight exposure and at least MAKE it seem like I was outdoors when I was in!

And there it was....staring me in the face.....the conservatory!

Ever since Tiddly Toes arrived and we had to turn our office back into a nursery, our conservatory became our office.  Then with the ever growing piles of toys it also doubled up as a playroom (with little room to actually play!)

Could it manage a third job too!?

YES!  Of course!

With FlyLady in mind, I set to..... clearing toys, tidying, throwing out 'stuff' and streamlining the necessities.....I won't show you a before shot - far too embarrassing!

But I managed to clear a spot next to the toys (which still need a bit more sorting) for a comfy chair......for sitting and watching the playing (yes there's room for that too!), for sitting and watching the wind blowing in the trees, for sitting and watching the deer in the garden, for sitting and reading a book or magazine..........

Just perfect for a spot of Rest & Relaxation *sigh*.

So to a quick review of the garden, deer and reading matter.

I have three BeAuTiFuL roses in my garden at the moment, this is a climber rambling its way up the trellis between us and next door....

This is a lovely stripey, highly scented and incredibly prickly bush rose..............

.....and this is my personal favourite....I've had it for about 17 years, it has moved house with us and is called Alexander......(my son who will be 21 in October!)

Want to see the deer?

She is VERY shy, she's new.  An older deer used to come into the garden but she became very dishevelled, sadly we haven't seen her for months now.  We have seen her baby....and now this new one..........

Sorry about the flash bouncing off the glass and the blue swing through her tummy....but unfortunately when you have to be quick and the subject isn't keen on posing...this is as good as it gets!  But I'm sure you get the idea.  We are privileged and thrilled to have her come to our garden to mow the lawn for us!

And as for reading...... I do love crafty mags.  I've gone off them a bit lately as they're not very inspiring.....nothing new that you either couldn't think of yourself OR find for free on the Internet.

SO..... I found myself buying a house-y magazine the other day!

But, oh!  What a mag!  Beautiful relaxing, calm homes and sprinkles of vintage and handmade.

It was the July edition of Country Homes and Interiors which is all very seaside-y.  Look.....

Who wouldn't want to stretch out on that welcoming shore-side day bed with a glass of something chilled........?

I've always loved verandas (something about being outside but inside).....look at this stunner.................

Pale, whitewashed, boutique style bedrooms.....oh, for a relaxing night here...............

and for the little ones a light, airy little room with wonderful touches of days gone by in the quilt and bunting....gorgeous little cushions on the bed........ and the bird flying overhead......

(and I've been searching book storage...if you go onto my Pinterest board for Craft, you'll see some of them...although I did find another today which I must add from Littleflowerbaby, amazingly made from a radiator clothes airer! Take a look!)

It hasn't inspired me to make any more projects than was already on my To-Do List (thankfully!), but it was dreamy to sink into the pages whilst sitting in a perfect Sitting Spot that I hadn't realised we had. What a treat.

I think I should start looking at other spaces in a whole new way and see what transpires.....what gems have you got hiding in an unexpected place?  Let me know if you find something.... 'new'.....

Nora xx

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