Monday, 9 December 2013

Ready for our first Christmas

I've not forgotten you, I'm still here, but life is bedlam.
I just thought I'd rush into your space and share these before I wrapped them up.
If we aren't spending Christmas with The Hubs parents, we always arrange a meal with them a couple of weeks before Christmas.
We basically do Christmas Day with a turkey dinner cooked by Dad and The Hubs (and this year probably joined by our 17 year old Chef Son), crackers, Christmas Pudding (gifted by my Aunt who makes a thoroughly fabulous pudding!) and presents during the afternoon.
It has also become a bit of a tradition for our children to decorate their Christmas Tree...lovely!
Each year I always like to make them little, useful (I hope!) things.
This year, as they entertain quite a bit, I thought I'd buy them some wine glass decorations and found these whilst out and about at a local table top sale......
They clip around the stem so that you can tell whose glass is whose!
Dad is also partial to a nice cafetiere coffee, but as he drinks alone, a whole pot goes cold too quickly for him, so I thought a nice little cozy using the odd bits of fabric left from last years gift (which I forgot to show you and will rectify!) would be ideal.....
I couldn't find a tutorial that I liked and I had to start with certain measurements, so I made it up as I went along and quilted in the style of Svetlana......what do you think?

And being modelled by our cafetiere......

Mum is only 4 ft 10 inches, so her seatbelt often rubs on her neck.  There was a nice little idea on Pinterest that I couldn't find, so I basically made this one up as I went along AND remembered to photograph it so that I could share a tutorial with you (soon!).  The idea for the quilting came from the wonderful and talented Svetlana over at S.O.T.A.K. Handmade. Anyway....... it resulted in this little seatbelt cozy.......
And finally Mum has an ancient needle-case which has had needles taken in and out so often that it has broken down the fibres and is starting to fall into pieces!
So I though a nice new one in the same fabrics as her knitting needle case last year would be perfect!
And by providence a wonderful little tutorial came up (via Svetlana) for a tutorial on NanaCompany.  Although I didn't go for the patchwork effect as I knew the fabric I would use, I followed the rest of the instructions and came up with this.....
I used an offcut off ribbon from a parcel from Clothkits to embellish the centre page and provide a small measure!

I shall certainly use that tutorial again as I have ALOT of very tiny scraps and they would be ideal for another needle-case and also her latest offering....take a look at this totally adorable little chap!!!.....
I'll be back shortly with another stack of makes and my birthday pressies!
See you soon.

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  1. Hey Nora! just popped by to wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and new year.

    love the coffee pot cosy.

    Sol x


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